Moose Utilities ATV/UTV Plow Replacement Plow Skid Shoe Kit M91-50021


Heavy duty plow skid for all newer (within the last 10-12 years or more) Moose ATV/UTV snowplows. The stock skids are junk, these skids are a much better option for a variety of reasons: First of all the stock Moose skid cup is a thin piece of stamped steel that can wear out very quickly. Our shoe is a very thick hardened cast skid. It is comparable to the expensive heavy duty skids that Moose sells as an option to the stock ones. Secondly, their heavy duty skids have the shaft simply loctited into the shoe, these can easily vibrate off when plowing and now you lost your expensive skid. Our skid has the shaft welded to the shoe so you cannot lose it. Lastly our circlip pin hole is located further down the shaft so it is much more difficult for the lock pin to come loose and fall off. This is a know problem with the Moose skids and you can easily lose them in a snowbank. Each skid kit includes 1 rubber spacer, 6 adjusting washers, and a new circlip. 5/8″ shaft diameter by 7″ overall skid height. Sold EACH so order 2 if replacing both skids. The perfect replacement to the Moose M91-50023 or M9-50021 skids.

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