RZR Turbo EFI Bosch 3 BAR T-Map Sensor



Brand new genuine Bosch T-map sensor for Polaris RZR TURBO models. A dirty or bad Tmap can cause rough or inconsistent idle, stalling, or just overall poor performance. Replace it now with this genuine Bosch unit from Quad Logic. Replaces the Bosch 0261230416 part number sensor. The Polaris part numbers is 2413095. There are TWO of these tmap sensors on the RZR turbo so order two if replacing both. These are located on the intake manifold and the charge tube. It is NOT the t-map located in the air intake duct, although we do have that sensor available as well. Fits the following models and more:

2016-19 RZR Turbo

Replaces Polaris Part Number: 2413095

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