Our Company

Quad Logic was founded out of a need to easily find affordable replacement ATV and UTV parts. The local dealer prices are insane (not to mention they hardly stock more than spark plugs. The “discounted” online dealers take weeks to deliver because they don’t stock anything and have to order from the manufacturer, then turn around and ship it back out to you. Who do you think is paying for shipping it twice? Lastly, the mail order outfits have only a few of the needed parts and you have to sift through hundreds of pages of parts for all makes and models to find what you need.

Our solution? We scoured the globe to find every replacement part we could for Polaris ATV and UTV’s and put them in one easy to search website. Luckily you found us! We will also be manufacturing some of our own components that we cannot source and parts will be added all the time so please check back often.

Please contact us at sales@quad-logic.com or 651-983-QUAD (7823) with your questions or concerns.