Sportsman 700 front brakes

Front Brakes

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  • Sportsman 600 Front Brake CaliperSportsman front caliper

    Is your caliper stuck, broke, or simply worn out? Don’t go to the dealer! This caliper is an exact reproduction of the OEM unit except for the mounting bracket. You will need to swap out the mounting bracket from your original caliper. After bolting on, your brake line simply threads into the fitting on the … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Front Brake Caliper

  • Sportsman 600 Front Brake PadsSportsman front brake pads

    Sportsman 600 Front Brake Pads Front pad set for all 2003-05 Sportsman 600′s. Sintered metal construction will last longer than OEM brakes and fit like a glove. Sold as a pair for one wheel. Order two sets to repair both sides.

  • Sportsman 600 Front Brake RotorPolaris Sportsman Brake Rotor

    If you neglect your brake pads long enough you will groove or warp your rotors.  No problem though, we have you covered.  These rotors are stainless so they will not rust and pit like the stock rotors from just sitting.  Precision ground to ensure they are as flat as possible means no pulsing from your … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Front Brake Rotor

  • Sportsman 600 Front Caliper Seal KitPolaris Sportsman caliper rebuild kit

    If you have a stuck caliper dont replace it, rebuild it!  This kit includes all the o-rings and seals to freshen it up and get it working like new again.  Fits all Sportsman 600 front calipers.   Sold per caliper so order two sets to rebuild both calipers.

  • Sportsman 600 Front Master Cylinder Rebuild KitSportsman master cylinder rebuild kit

    Sportsman 600 Front Master Cylinder Seal Kit Rebuild your front master cylinder with this easy kit. Kit includes 2 superior quality cup seals and internal bellow/diaphram to rebuild your hand brake master cylinder. Make your brakes work like new again with this quick and easy kit. Fits all 2003-05 Sportsman 600′s.

  • Sportsman 600 Master CylinderPolaris sportsman master cylinder

    Excellent replacement master cylinder. Comes complete with lever and everything, ready to use! The main difference between this unit and the OEM unit is the sight glass is in the side not the cover, and the lever is aluminum instead of plastic. The shape, style, and mounting are all extremely similar at a fraction of … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Master Cylinder

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