Sportsman 600 voltage regulator

Sportsman 600 Voltage Regulator

sportsman regulator rectifier

If you are having electrical issues, especially blown lights or no spark, it could be your regulator.  This aftermarket regulator is made in Argentina, no Chinese junk here!  Just plug it in and go on your Sportsman 600.  Please check with Polaris on the proper part number for your regulator.  There were a few different part number available in 2004.  Choose you model below.

600 Voltage Regulator
2004 Sportsman 600 Voltage Regulator
Product Options
12003-04 Sportsman 600 - REG561/APO6015 (4 Wire)(Replaces Polaris #4010796 and 2203637)$69.95
22004 Sportsman 600 - APO6007 (5 wire)(Replaces Polaris #4010929)$89.95
Shipping Rate: D
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