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  • Polaris Sportsman 600 StarterPolaris Sportsman Starter

    Polaris Sportsman 600 Starter The starters are notorious for going out on the Polaris Sportsman’s.  Yank that old starter out and replace it with this heavy duty unit.  Better than OEM quality. Replaces Polaris part number 4010417.

  • Polaris Sportsman 600 StatorSportsman 600 Stator

    Sportsman 600 Stator Don’t let the dealer fool you, these Sportsman 600 stators are as good as OEM but way cheaper.  Simply bolt in place of the old unit and plugs right in to the wire harness just like stock. Replaces Polaris #2202603, 4010901, 4011103.    

  • Sportsman 600 20 Amp Circuit BreakerPolaris 2200593

    Electrical problems?  Replace that old corroded 20 Amp circuit breaker inside the black plastic pouch on the wire harness with this replacement unit.  Same manufacturer as the Polaris version. The only difference is the black plastic pouch is not included. Seal it yourself and save! Fits all 2003-04 Sportsman 600’s.  There are two of these circuit breakers … Continue reading Sportsman 600 20 Amp Circuit Breaker

  • Sportsman 600 BatteryBattery for Sportsman 600

    This Power Max CB30L-B battery is the perfect alternative to the expensive OEM battery.  Dont throw just any battery in your ATV as the positive and negative contacts could be on the opposite sides or the battery might not even fit in the tray.  The Sportsman twin motors really need a lot of cold cranking amps since it is a … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Battery

  • Sportsman 600 Speedometer SensorHall effect speed sensor

    In  response to the poor quality of the OEM hall effect speed sensor we have developed our own unit.  We start with a machined aluminum housing, unlike the stock plastic housing which can easily break or crack, even if using the aluminum cap Polaris provided on later models.  Our sensor also have larger diameter wires … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Speedometer Sensor

  • Sportsman 600 Starter BendixPolaris Sportsman 600 starter bendix

    Sportsman 600 Starter Bendix Zinc plated steel construction is as good or better than the original. 17t bendix is a direct replacement for all Sportsman 600′s. The stock units tend to rust out and then it seizes up.  This is an excellent quality replacement unit.  Replaces polaris #4010418.

  • Sportsman 600 Starter Rebuild KitPolaris Sportsman Starter Rebuild Kit

    Sportsman 600 Starter Rebuild Kit You dont have to replace your entire starter, just rebuild it!  This kit includes everything you need to properly rebuild your starter to like new condition including bushings, o-rings, and brushes.  Rebuilds your factory starter on all Sportsman 600’s.

  • Sportsman 600 Starter Solenoidsolenoid for Sportsman 600

    Sportsman 600 Starter Solenoid Many times starter issues can be tracked back to a shot or sticky solenoid. The solenoid is relatively cheap and simple to replace. This heavy duty unit is a direct replacement for all 2003-04 Sportsman 600′s. Replaces Polaris part #3087196 and 3085521.

  • Sportsman 600 Voltage RegulatorSportsman 600 voltage regulator

    If you are having electrical issues, especially blown lights or no spark, it could be your regulator.  This aftermarket regulator is made in Argentina, no Chinese junk here!  Just plug it in and go on your Sportsman 600.  Please check with Polaris on the proper part number for your regulator.  There were a few different … Continue reading Sportsman 600 Voltage Regulator

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