Sportsman carb manifold

Sportsman 500 Rubber Intake Manifold

Sportsman carb manifoldBrand new carburetor intake manifold for most Polaris Sportsman 500 models.  Cracked or leaking manifold will cause a lean condition and engine damage if not corrected.  Get it back running like new again with this new intake boot.  Includes the intake manifold only, does NOT include a new clamp. Available for both standard and HO models.  Replaces Polaris part number 3084879 and 3085809.  Choose your model from the list below.

Intake Boot
Sportsman 500 Intake Boot
Product Options
1100-1166 (1996-00 Sportsman 500 - 34mm carb)(Replaces Polaris #3084879)$34.95
2100-1165 (2001-13 Sportsman 500 - 40mm carb)(Replaces Polaris #3085809)$34.95
Shipping Rate: D
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