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  • Sportsman 500 Air FilterSportsman 500 air filter

    Don’t ingore that dirty air filter.  This can rob a ton of power from your machine and allow dirt and impurities into the engine.  Drop in this new filter and your Sportsman will thank you.  Fits all Sportsman 500’s. Replaces Polaris Part # 7080595.

  • Sportsman 500 Air Intake Foampolaris 5812613

    This foam easily gets ripped or flattened out over time.  Replace it to ensure  the intake tubes are held in place and it seals the space between the seat and fuel tank.  Made from high density foam and water jet cut to the perfect shape.  Fits all Sportsman 500’s except 6×6 models. Replaces Polaris Part … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Air Intake Foam

  • Sportsman 500 Billet Fuel Valve KnobPolaris 5432559

    Replace that cheap plastic knob that is prone to break with this beautifully machined billet aluminum version. Fits like a glove and looks awesome. Better yet, you will never have to worry about breaking it again.  Fits all 1997-05 Sportsman 500 models. Replaces Polaris #5432559.

  • Sportsman 500 Carb Rebuild KitPolaris sportsman carburetor rebuild kit

    A dirty or clogged carb is one of the most common engine running issues.  Many times just rebuilding the carb will get you machine running like new again, especially if it has been sitting for some time.  This kit includes all new jets, jet needle, needle and seat, float bowl gasket, drain o-ring, fuel screw, and … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Carb Rebuild Kit

  • Sportsman 500 Carburetor Check ValvePolaris 7051011

      Replace that cracked, broken or missing check valve with this exact replacement OEM unit. This check valve is located on the bottom of the carburetor on carb models and is used in the fuel tank venting on EFI models. Most EFI machines use two of these check valves so be sure to order two … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Carburetor Check Valve

  • Sportsman 500 Carburetor Needle and SeatPolaris 3131360

    We stock new replacement needles and seats for most Sportsman 500’s.  Replace that sticky valve before it leaks gas all over the place. Choose your model from the list below.

  • Sportsman 500 CarburetorsPolaris carburetor

    Brand new complete aftermarket carburetors for the Polaris Sportsman 500.  Got a really dirty or clogged up carb?  Machine just won’t run right no matter what you do?  At this price you can just replace the entire carb!  Ready to install and accepts all your stock cables and lines just like the OEM carburetor.  Throttle … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Carburetors

  • Sportsman 500 Fuel PumpPolaris Sportsman fuel pump

    These replacement fuel pumps from Quad Logic are manufactured to meet or exceed the Polaris specifications.  It installs and operates exactly like the Polaris fuel but without the high price tag! Comes complete and ready to use, no assembly required.   Available for all Sportsman 500 carbureted models.  Choose your model below. Replaces Polaris part number … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Fuel Pump

  • Sportsman 500 Fuel Valvessportsman fuel petcock

    We have replacement fuel valves for most Sportsman 500’s.  Choose your model from the list below.

  • Sportsman 500 Gas CapPolaris 5433687

    Sportsman 500 Fuel Cap Exact replacement fuel cap for your 2001-12 Sportsman 500.  Includes the rubber gasket. Replaces Polaris part number 5433687.

  • Sportsman 500 Rubber Carburetor MountsPolaris 3110032

    This is an OEM grade replacement rubber carburetor mount for your Polaris. Sold EACH but two are required so be sure to order two if replacing both.  Available for many Sportsman 500’s.  Choose your model from the list below.

  • Sportsman 500 Rubber Intake ManifoldSportsman carb manifold

    Brand new carburetor intake manifold for most Polaris Sportsman 500 models.  Cracked or leaking manifold will cause a lean condition and engine damage if not corrected.  Get it back running like new again with this new intake boot.  Includes the intake manifold only, does NOT include a new clamp. Available for both standard and HO … Continue reading Sportsman 500 Rubber Intake Manifold

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