Polaris Sportsman cv boot

Sportsman 500 Front INBOARD CV Boot Kit

Sportsman 500 Front CV Boot Kit

Torn CV boots are one of the most common problems with ATV’s.  If  you don’t fix it immediately you risk damaging the whole CV joint.   These replacement boot kits use high strength puncture resistant rubber and include the boot, grease pak, and clamps.  Sold each.  Choose your application from the list below.  Note:  these boots are for the front INBOARD (near the front differential) side of the axle.

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Sportsman 500 Front Inboard CV Boot Kit
Product Options
12005 Sportsman 500 (WE130001)$16.95
22006 Sportsman 500 (WE130006)$16.95
32007 Sportsman 500 (Manufactured before 07/25/2006) (WE130006)$16.95
42007 Sportsman 500 (Manufactured after 07/25/2006) (WE130004)$16.95
52008-10 Sportsman 500 (WE130004)$16.95
Shipping Rate: D
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