Polaris 5430766

Sportsman 500 Secondary Clutch Buttons

Polaris 5430766

The buttons wear out quickly and can also break if doing a lot of jumping or hard riding.  Get these replacement buttons to get it shifting like new again.  These are only for NON-EBS clutch Sportsman 500’s.  Not sure if you have EBS?  It should say on the clutch cover or simply take apart your secondary to see if it has buttons (std clutch) or rollers (EBS).  These buttons will work on the following models:

2000 Sportsman 500                                                                                                               2001-08 Sportsman 500 6×6                                                                                             2006 Sportsman 500 HO                                                                                                     2008 Sportsman 500 HO                                                                                                     2009-13 Sportsman 500 HO (Non-EBS models)

Replaces Polaris part number 5430766 and 5436521.

secondary clutch buttons
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