Polaris 4010161

2001-03 Scrambler 500 Radiator Fan Thermal Sensor

Polaris 4010161This is the exact same thermal switch as the Polaris unit, except without the high markups.  Same OEM manufacturer as the Polaris branded unit.  Buy with confidence as this sensor plugs right in and has the exact same temp settings as stock.  This is not a cheap Chinese knock-off, it is manufactured in the USA by the same supplier.   Replaces Polaris part number 4010161. This unit is located on the bottom of the radiator on the right hand side and controls the cooling fan operation.  Fits the 2001-03 Scrambler 500’s.

Replaces Polaris part number 4010161 and 4010808.

Scrambler 500 Radiator Thermo Switch
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