RZR front wheel bearing

RZR 800 Front Wheel Bearing

RZR front wheel bearing

Got a grinding or broken front wheel bearing?  Available for all RZR 800’s.  Simply take the old one out of your strut housing and replace it with this high quality sealed bearing.   Sold per wheel.  Choose your year below.

Replaces Polaris part number 3514699.

RZR Front Wheel Bearing
RZR 800 front wheel bearing
Product Options
125-1615 (2008-09 RZR 800)$29.95
225-1615 (2010 RZR 800 built before 03/21/2010)$29.95
325-1628 (2010 RZR 800 built after 03/21/2010)$25.95
425-1628 (2011-14 RZR 800 - ALL)$25.95
Shipping Rate: D
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