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  • Polaris 800 Front Differential Armature Platearm

    Replace that grooved, warped, or damaged armature plate in your front diff.  If you armature plate is even slightly bent or worn it can cause your 4×4 not to work.  Fits most 2008 and newer RZR front differentials. Replaces Polaris part #3234407.  Fits the following RZR models: 2012-14 RZR 570 2008-14 RZR 800 (All Models) … Continue reading Polaris 800 Front Differential Armature Plate

  • RZR 800 (2008-10) ALUMINUM Front Differential Roll Cage Spraguespague

    Quit breaking the plastic stock roll cage, get this machined billet aluminum unit and forget about it! Exact replacement will accept your original rollers or we have new rollers available in stock. The original roll cages are notorious for cracking and breaking, replace it with this updated severe duty ALUMINUM version. We offer a full … Continue reading RZR 800 (2008-10) ALUMINUM Front Differential Roll Cage Sprague

  • RZR 800 Driveshaft Spring Pin (Roll Pin)pin

    This spring pin is used in almost all Polaris Ranger and RZR UTV’s from 2003 to 2016 for attaching the driveshafts and prop shafts to the differentials.  These can be very difficult to remove and normally get damaged when you pound them out.  Be sure to use a new one each time you remove one. … Continue reading RZR 800 Driveshaft Spring Pin (Roll Pin)

  • RZR 800 Front A-arm Bushing KitRZR suspension bushings

    The a-arm bushings are a common part that wear out quickly on the RZR’s.  All the mud and dirt just wears them out since they are plastic.  Use this kit to get your front end showroom tight.  Includes all the bushings required to rebuild ONE side of your RZR.   Fits all 2008-14 RZR 800’s.

  • RZR 800 Front Ball JointRZR balljoint

    This direct replacement ball joint for 2008-14 RZR 800′s.  Steel construction for years of trouble free use.  Includes a new dust seal and retaining clip.  Sold each.  Works on both upper and lower a-arms. Replaces Polaris part number 7081505, 7081580, 7061187, and 7081666.

  • RZR 800 Front CV Boot KitsPolaris Sportsman cv boot

    Torn CV boots are one of the most common problems with UTV’s.  If  you don’t fix it immediately you risk damaging the whole CV joint.   These replacement boot kits use high strength puncture resistant rubber and include the boot, grease pak, and clamps.  Sold each.

  • RZR 800 Front Differential Roller Kitrollers

    Replacement roller kit for your Polaris RZR front differential. Fits into the stock or our heavy duty aluminum roll cage and includes all 20 rollers. These rollers are machined of steel and then heat treated to withstand years of hard abuse. Replaces Polaris part #3234393.  Fits all 2014 RZR 570, 2008-14 RZR 800, and 2011-15 … Continue reading RZR 800 Front Differential Roller Kit

  • RZR 800 Front Lug Nutsrzr lug nuts

    High quality lug nuts available for steel or aluminum wheels.  Exact replacements from the original manufacturer.   Sold as a set of 4.  Choose your lug nuts below. 2008-2014 RZR 800 (All models depending on wheels)

  • RZR 800 Front Suspension Springspolaris front spring

    These chrome silicon springs are the perfect replacement to those sacked out stockers. Better yet they are approximately 20% stiffer than stock so they will last longer and handle heavier loads better. Sold each but you will want to replace both front springs at the same time.  Black powdercoated finish.  Fits the 2008-09 RZR 800’s. … Continue reading RZR 800 Front Suspension Springs

  • RZR 800 Front Wheel BearingRZR front wheel bearing

    Got a grinding or broken front wheel bearing?  Available for all RZR 800’s.  Simply take the old one out of your strut housing and replace it with this high quality sealed bearing.   Sold per wheel.  Choose your year below. Replaces Polaris part number 3514699.

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