RZR 800 exhaust gasket

2009-14 RZR, RZR-S, RZR-4 800 Exhaust Gasket and Spring Kit

RZR 800 exhaust gasketFix that leaking exhaust system with this all-in-one kit!  Kit includes the exhaust manifold gasket, main pipe donut style gasket, cylindrical muffler gasket and all 3 new exhaust springs to keep everything tight.  These gaskets and springs from Quad Logic are designed to perform even better than the stock Polaris parts.

This kit installs on the 2011-14 Std RZR 800, 2009-14 RZR-S 800, and 2010-14 RZR-4 800.  

Does NOT fit the 2008-09 std RZR 800!  

Replaces Polaris part number 5811511, 3610047, 5250091, 7041687 and 7041789.

rzr 800 Exhaust Gasket and spring kit
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